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In 1991 a group of medical, pharmacology and commercial experts joined to establish the “Yaghoot Rooyan” company.

The activity of this group entails a wide range of importations and productions, including pharmaceutical, biologic products(specially Vaccines and Peptides), medical devices,herbal and natural medicines, nutritional supplements, hair and skin special products and medical equipment. Since the establishment, the most important objective of Yaghoot Rooyan has been to promote the society’s health, enhance the consumer’s knowledge and improve the life style of our compatriots Thanks to the presence of skilled experts across the organization, “Yaghoot Rooyan” could obtain a worthy position in the state’s health system.

In addition to uninterrupted endeavors to improve this position from all aspects, currently the number of subsidiaries of this international holding has reached to 30, covering new domains of training, health care, laboratories certified by The Ministry of Health, drug distribution, laser therapy, petro chemistry, engineering, aquatics breeding, sale, advertisement, e-commerce, start-up and knowledge-based activities.

The Research and Development section of Yaghoot Rooyan Holding is active in conducting all research processes in the field of new pharmaceutical and biological products, biotechnology and nanotechnology projects and genetic diagnostic kits.

Name of “Yaghoot Rooyan” is also a well-known name out of our beloved Iran. 25 commercial partners of this group are among the most credited European and American brands, which .are in constant interaction scientific, technical and commercial exchanges

Obtaining the exclusive representative of 25 universal top producers, registration of more than 50 special brands, several scientific articles presentation, supporting the young researchers, cooperation with Iranian and foreign scholars and loyalty to perform social responsibilities (CSR) in the fields of healthcare are among the other significant achievements of “ Yaghoot Rooyan international group”



Subsidiary Companies




Yaghoot Rooyan International Holding consists of 30 special and international companies in the field of Pharmaceutical, Biologic products(specially Vaccines and Peptides), Medical Devices Herbal and Natural Medicines,

Nutritional Supplements, Hair and Skin special products and Medical Equipment.