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Offer high quality products under the certificate of Ministry of Health

Consider the customers and employers of the company as an asset whom should be fully respected

Believe in this fact that all the personnel, have the role of gear in the system disregard of their position and knowledge, whom they take a specific responsibility with equal importance

Pay attention to customers’ demands  and needs and make maximum effort to provide service

Offer services to clients with regard to justice and equality without race, sexual, relationship and religious discrimination

Timely guidance and offer necessary information to clients and preventing confusion

Attach importance to knowledge and skill level importance while working

To love one’s job and live with it

Timely and effective attendance in the workplace

Have administrative discipline and work ethics, effective and efficient performance of tasks with reasonable speed and in accordance with organizational rules and regulations

Keep smiling and have amicable behavior in the workplace with coworkers and clients

Keep learning and have pupil attitudes all the time

Have decent appearance and compliant with society’s norm and culture

Have sense of responsibility and defend company’s interests

Team work and cooperate in order to achieve the organization’s great objectives

Keep humility and modesty while trying to enhance knowledge in order to make progress in organizations’ objectives

Activities planning and performing them based on schedules

Understanding and proper usage of organizational power  and authorization

Focus on solutions facing with work issues

Keep calmness and coolness in all situations and behave effectively in critical situations

Keep balance and moderation between family and work life

No personal use of company’s properties and facilities

Refrain from using tobaccos inside the building and respect to other’s rights

Being confident and keeping organizational information and private instruments

Refrain from gossip, defamation, rumoring and any actions leading to weaken the employees confidence and devotion

Perform activities based on a specific and well documented methods and not based on own tastes

Receive all types of criticism and suggestions as a platform to improve and promote the organization

Subsidiary Companies




Yaghoot Rooyan International Holding consists of 30 special and international companies in the field of herbal and natural medicines,

nutrition supplements, hair and skin special products, medical equipment and herbal-based cosmetics products.