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This Charter of Ethics is a formal expression of the basic ethical principles of our Group. As the YaghootRooyanGroup continues to grow and new employees join our organization every year, a written statement of these principles – generally accepted and already in force within our organization – becomes a necessity.

The YaghootRooyan Group’s Charter of Ethics applies to each staff member regardless of his or her department or level of responsibility. It is intended to guide the way each and every one of us behaves and acts every day. This Charter of Ethics also serves as a reference guide for our customers and partners all of the world.

Every one of us together – as staff members or partners –  stand as guarantors of the commitments of the YaghootRooyan Group by integrating and enacting this Charter of Ethics in every circumstance we encounter.


Dr.S.Hossein Etemadi Monfared

CMD & Founder



This charter is built around five pillars:


Respect for People   

Respect for the Law

Respect for the Company 

Respect for the Company's partners





1.Promoting a working environment that respects human rights and labor standards, in particular those relative to non-discrimination.

2.Ensuring that employees receive information relative to the Company and its key strategies.

3.Providing the means for the professional development of Group employees

4.Promoting quality of life in the workplace

5.Guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of personal data of employees and third parties

6.Protecting confidential information

7.Choosing partners whose commitments and ethical principles are at least equivalent to those set forth in this charter.

8.Preventing corruption, insider trading and conflicts of interest

9.Protecting company resources and assets

10.Respecting fair competition rules

11.All employees must to be aimed to build special relationship with each customer, by listening to, understanding and continually adapting to their needs.

12.It is the ambition of the all subsidiaries at YaghootRooyan Group  to be recognized for their ethics. They make the needs, changes and expectations of the societies in which they operate their concern

13.This Charter is addressed at all YaghootRooyan Group employees and affiliates and also applies to all Board of Directors members across to all of our companies around the world.

Subsidiary Companies




Yaghoot Rooyan International Holding consists of 30 special and international companies in the field of Pharmaceutical, Biologic products(specially Vaccines and Peptides), Medical Devices Herbal and Natural Medicines,

Nutritional Supplements, Hair and Skin special products and Medical Equipment.