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Yaghoot Rooyan Companies Group is honored to get known as one of the most credited and active complexes in the field of marketing and distribution of cosmetic products, nutritive and medical supplements and prosthesis for foreign credited companies and producers with respect to national standards based on State’s current needs. considering the effectiveness of high quality products for consumers and highly extensive activity in preparation of necessary contexts, in order to improve the qualitative level of Iran’s society sanitation. This complex also forms one of the major and well credited importers of mentioned items with high quality, in accordance with the regulations of The Ministry of Health of IRAN.



Seyed Hossein Etemadi Monfared

YAGHOOT ROOYAN International Group’s CEO

Subsidiary Companies




Yaghoot Rooyan International Holding consists of 30 special and international companies in the field of Pharmaceutical, Biologic products(specially Vaccines and Peptides), Medical Devices Herbal and Natural Medicines,

Nutritional Supplements, Hair and Skin special products and Medical Equipment.